Melissa Holding


Okeanos are a contemporary music ensemble known for their fascinating mix of Western and Japanese instruments (oboe, clarinet, viola, koto, sho and shakuhachi).  They have premiered over 100 new works including those from composers such as Howard Skempton, Dai Fujikura and Judith Bingham.  They have been featured on BBC Radio 3 and have performed at major festivals such as City of London,  Spitalfields and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.  They have also been part of the BMIC Cutting Edge series of concerts and had a residency at Dartington in 2010.  Their most recent project is Tokaido Road, a chamber opera by Nicola Lefanu, that premiered at the Cheltenham Festival and toured the UK.

A scene from Nicola Lefanu's opera Tokaido Road

A scene from Nicola Lefanu’s opera Tokaido Road, based on the life of the woodblock artist Hiroshige